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About Nesika

Nesika Insurance Services Inc. is proud to be a 100% Canadian, family-owned and operated insurance brokerage.

We have been providing our clients with quality service for over 40 years and three generations.

Our experience means we have built relationships with top-rated insurers who have a proven history of paying their claims. 

“Nesika” is Chinook jargon for ‘together’ or ‘looking after our own’.

We take this meaning to heart in all of our dealings with our clients. At Nesika we strive to ensure that all of our clients feel like they are family, not just a policy.

We do our best to ensure that all of our clients have a positive experience working with us and can rest assured that their insurance needs are being take care of by an expert who truly cares.

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The History of Nesika

Amirault, Haynes & Associates is Founded

The story of Nesika has roots on both the East and West Coasts of Canada, dating back to 1973 when Amirault, Haynes, and Associates was established in Nova Scotia. Originally, they only sold life insurance and related products to fishermen and their families.


Start of Fairway Insurance Services Inc.

In 1978, Fairway Insurance Services Inc. was incorporated to sell marine insurance due to client demand. Over the years to come, they branched out into Commercial and Personal lines to further satisfy the needs of their clientele.

Nesika Insurance Services is Founded

Nesika Insurance Services is started in British Columbia by the Native Fishing Association specifically to provide insurance to indigenous-owned commercial fishing vessels.


Nesika & Fairway Join Forces

As the need for an insurance broker who specifically insured indigenous-owned vessels decreased, Nesika was sold to Fairway Insurance Services Inc. At this time, Nesika Insurance Services had been in operation writing solely commercial fishing vessels for nearly 15 years.

Second Generation Takes Over

Tom Amirault Sr., one of the founders of the original Amirault, Haynes, and Associates, passed control to the second generation in 2005.


Now Keith, Sarah, and Jana Amirault manage the operations of the six East Coast branches of Fairway and provide support to Nesika on the West Coast.


Tom Amirault Joins Nesika

Tom Amirault joined his siblings in the family business in 2010 and brought with him two decades of experience as a commercial fisherman, being a Transport Canada certified master and engineer.


Under his guidance Nesika has grown from exclusively serving commercial fishing vessels to a full-service brokerage specializing in insurance for marine and commercial industries. 

Three Generations of Insurance

Tom's daughter, Amanda Crosbie, joined Nesika in 2015 and is the third generation of Amiraults in insurance. 


In 2017 she was honored as the top CAIB graduate in BC. CAIB is a national, professional insurance designation program.