High Value Home Insurance

A custom home needs a custom policy

If your home has a replacement cost of over $750,000 or you have content’s worth over $250,000 you should look at obtaining a high value homeowner’s policy instead of a conventional homeowner’s policy. You don’t have the cheapest house – so why would you choose the cheapest insurance?

High value home insurance provides you with premier benefits and increased protection for yourself and your family at home and abroad.

Aviva ovation advantages

  • Unscheduled Jewellery Limit of $50,000 (vs. $5,000 – $10,000 on other policies)

  • Coverage for contents at other owned properties in Canada included (vs. not covered on other policies)

  • Unlimited Additional Living Expenses (vs. 20% of dwelling limit on other policies)

  • Unlimited costs for rebuilding to code / bylaws after a loss (vs. $0 – $75,000 on other policies)

  • Unlimited debris removal costs (vs. up to dwelling limit on other policies)

  • Included Directors coverage for acting as a Director of a Condominium Corporation or non-profit organization (vs. no coverage on other policies)

An optional umbrella liability policy also provides coverage worldwide for your personal liability – including any U.S. properties and cars. With the low liability limits in the U.S. this coverage is a must if you own property in the United States to protect your assets. It also includes coverage for rental worldwide.

Personalized claims service

The Aviva Ovation team has a specialized claim and risk management team that will take care of your claim from beginning to end. With fast track approvals of repair estimates, your choice of repairer, and payments within 48 hours of final documentation you can be sure your claim process will be as painless as possible.

The Nesika Insurance services difference

All of Nesika’s High Value Home Insurance policies are specifically tailored for your needs as a high net-worth individual. We can put together a policy that covers all of your exposures, from primary residence to your secondary or vacation home. You can also rest assured that your personal liability is covered worldwide.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. Call us at 604-448-9196 or send an email to info@nesika.ca now to have our experts put together the policy that’s right for you.